by Veterans For Peace For Ukraine Working Group

Veterans For Peace opposes western militarism and increased US military spending, and we are deeply concerned about even the possibility of nuclear warfare. As veterans who know the enormous costs of wars, which is why we advocate for: (a) reduction of global arms sales, (b) limiting the expansion of US militarism globally, and (c) nuclear disarmament.

And we’ve consistently been in opposition to the expansion of NATO and the provocation that NATO represents. Our call for diplomacy to end the war in Ukraine, and for Russia to withdraw their troops, is coupled with our continued opposition to the expansion of NATO and our call for the removal of US nuclear weapons from Europe.

However, we also recognize Ukraine has a right to defend itself against Russia’s invasion, and US and NATO military aid has been a large factor in Ukraine’s successful self-defense effort thus far. This is a contradiction that we acknowledge. It is a peace advocacy contradiction not historically unique to the Russia-Ukraine War.